5 Dress Tips for Men in their 20s

For a man, in his 20s is a transition period from a student or student to a young professional. For this reason, how to look better should be a concern.
However, there are still many men who apparently remain indifferent to their appearance. This can be seen from their choice of clothes that usually only wear T-shirts and striped jeans.
Actually, this is not wrong. But it never hurts to be more concerned with the style of dress if you want to get a good impression in the eyes of others. Reported by Fashion Beans there are several things that you must pay attention to in shaping your dress style in your 20s. Like what?

1. Don’t be a victim of fashion

This is your time to build self-identity, so it is very vulnerable to various views that approach. For example, the view that buying certain types of clothing will make you look cooler or attractive.
In fact, not necessarily what is used by others or maybe your favorite musician will also look cool if you use it. Being a victim of fashion is indeed part of growing up, but don’t let you drift into it, huh!

2. Reduce errors in dress

Too much experimenting in dressing is not good either. Do not let you just buy the clothes. Also, consider your clothes, buying can be used on any occasion. Likewise about the size and the right pieces for you.
Do not hesitate to consult with the shop clerk you are approaching. They will be happy to give input to you and of course other recommendations.

3. Find identity

Finding your identity in dressing is easy. For example, when you were in college, you might often use Justin Timberlake-style racer jackets or always wear denim jackets at every opportunity.
In fact, there are still many things you can explore to find the style that suits you. Who knows, you will look more attractive if you wear slim fit jeans, a casual shirt, or polo t-shirt.

4. Your clothes are your investment

Make sure you have the standard clothes owned by the majority of the Adam, such as sweaters and good quality t-shirts. Let’s just say that your clothes are your investment so you can wear them repeatedly and stay in good condition. Don’t forget to care for and maintain the quality of your clothes, huh!

5. Wear according to your work

Sometimes, many people see others from their appearance. That is why many people feel underestimated only by choosing from top to bottom. If you don’t want to be like that, try changing your dress style to suit the work and income you receive.
For example, if you work as an Account Executive, there’s no harm in appearing neatly with a shirt, trousers, loafers, complete with a watch and belt. Or if you work in a public relation in a company that is free to look, appearing with trousers, t-shirts and blazers can be the right choice.… Read More

Tips for Dressing for You with a Large Arm

Having an ideal body shape may be everyone’s dream. Then what if you have big arms? Large arm sizes make you feel uncomfortable and lack confidence. Hmmm, wearing clothes with short sleeves also feels uncomfortable. Then how to deal with it?
Ladies, here are tips for disguising your big arms. Come on, see the tips from the female below.

1. Pay attention to the size of the arm
When choosing clothes, avoid choosing clothes that have a long and too short arm. The length of this arm will make your arm look bigger. the size of the arm with a loose and not too tight cut will disguise the size of your arm.

2. Choose Clothes with Dark Colors
Yup, dark colors will disguise the size. Dark colors will disguise the size of the arm, Dark colors are your ultimate best friend forever.

3. Choose Lace Material
Clothes with lace or lace can help disguise your large arms. Choose a dark lace color to give the illusion of shrinking your arms. The arm looks small is not your dream anymore.

4. Avoid Too Many Details in the Arm of the Clothing
Too much detail in the sleeve of your clothes will make your arms look too heavy. A lot of detail makes people focus on your arms. So make sure you choose a simple arm.

5. Choose a Shirt with a Batwing Model
Batwing models are commonly called bat shirts. The model of his arm widened so that it can cover your big arms. Clothing with a batwing model that has a length of 3/4 may also be the right option for you.… Read More

Pastor Chris Criticizes Comedians Who Make Fun of Things That Are Sacred

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is issuing a strict warning for those comedians in Nigeria who think it is funny to make fun of pastors. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome gave over this warning straight from God. As a Man of God, he said that the Lord told him to warn those comedians that they are making a very big mistake. He said that it is totally unacceptable for them to be making fun of pastors. Pastors should be off limits to comedians and not the source of jokes.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome regularly holds sessions where he answers questions that are given to him by people in his congregation. He answers these questions while he is inspired by the Spirit of God. He is able to give over direct messages from God. During one such session, he said that the Lord told him to tell those comedians that soon they will see their lives overturned if they do not repent and stop making fun of pastors. In fact, he warned, soon you will see comedians that have a life that can only be described as a sad comedy. You will marvel at them and wonder how they fell so low. The answer will come that they made fun of Men of God.

A Man of God is holy. A pastor is a Man of God. A pastor is sacred. You can not make fun of things that are sacred. Some things can be used for jokes, but other things can not. There is no excuse whatsoever for using pastors as the source material for making jokes. You have to realize that when God wants to destroy someone or punish him, he sends a Man of God as his agent. Therefore, you have to respect a Man of God and not make fun of him.

Chris Oyakhilome is a man who was sent by God to bring people closer to God. He is a man that was set on a course by God himself to help people out. A Man of God is not just someone that happens to preach about God or someone that worships God. A Man of God was picked by God himself to reach people. That is why he has so many powerful healing powers. In fact, you can enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in order to be healed of all of your illnesses. Many people have reported on the miracles that they experienced when they went to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in order for him to heal them. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome receives these healing powers through the gift of spirituality and the divinity that rests upon him. Many people who have suffered for years with various illnesses have reported that their symptoms have suddenly disappeared once Pastor Chris Oyakhilome used his healing powers to make them better.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also has a publishing and television ministry service. He uses this service in order to reach as many people as possible. He wants to bring people closer to … Read More