Pastor Chris Criticizes Comedians Who Make Fun of Things That Are Sacred

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is issuing a strict warning for those comedians in Nigeria who think it is funny to make fun of pastors. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome gave over this warning straight from God. As a Man of God, he said that the Lord told him to warn those comedians that they are making a very big mistake. He said that it is totally unacceptable for them to be making fun of pastors. Pastors should be off limits to comedians and not the source of jokes.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome regularly holds sessions where he answers questions that are given to him by people in his congregation. He answers these questions while he is inspired by the Spirit of God. He is able to give over direct messages from God. During one such session, he said that the Lord told him to tell those comedians that soon they will see their lives overturned if they do not repent and stop making fun of pastors. In fact, he warned, soon you will see comedians that have a life that can only be described as a sad comedy. You will marvel at them and wonder how they fell so low. The answer will come that they made fun of Men of God.

A Man of God is holy. A pastor is a Man of God. A pastor is sacred. You can not make fun of things that are sacred. Some things can be used for jokes, but other things can not. There is no excuse whatsoever for using pastors as the source material for making jokes. You have to realize that when God wants to destroy someone or punish him, he sends a Man of God as his agent. Therefore, you have to respect a Man of God and not make fun of him.

Chris Oyakhilome is a man who was sent by God to bring people closer to God. He is a man that was set on a course by God himself to help people out. A Man of God is not just someone that happens to preach about God or someone that worships God. A Man of God was picked by God himself to reach people. That is why he has so many powerful healing powers. In fact, you can enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in order to be healed of all of your illnesses. Many people have reported on the miracles that they experienced when they went to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome in order for him to heal them. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome receives these healing powers through the gift of spirituality and the divinity that rests upon him. Many people who have suffered for years with various illnesses have reported that their symptoms have suddenly disappeared once Pastor Chris Oyakhilome used his healing powers to make them better.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also has a publishing and television ministry service. He uses this service in order to reach as many people as possible. He wants to bring people closer to God. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome started the first live television show to broadcast Christian teachings and thought from Africa to the rest of the world nonstop at any time of the day or night. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has written many books and is known to be a popular author. He has more followers than anyone else in Africa. He is popular because he brings an authentic message of divinity and religion. People love being able to be close to a Man of God. They know that they can get authentic messages straight from the Lord if they listen to Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.