Pastor Chris is winning souls for Christ through healing

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a God sent man who has built a ministry in spreading the gospel. As the Christ Embassy and Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. President, he has gone global with his ministry and is giving dynamic and intense teachings on the gospel. He is an anointed leader and bearer of the word of God. Not only is he a pastor, he is also a renowned author, teacher, TV host and a minister that deals with healing. He reaches out to individuals far and wide as he ministers the word of God and manifestation. He has been in this vocation for over 3 decades.

As a teacher, Pastor Chris has purposely and diligently led thousands of people to Christ through his teachings. He has organized and held healing and teaching crusades all over the world. Some of the crusades he has led include Night of Bliss and Higher Life Conference which were conducted in different parts of the world. His ministry has earned a lot of respect and presence all over the world. One of the conferences he held attracted a crowd of people, above 3.5 million, in Nigeria. His ways of teaching and preaching are simple so that everyone has the opportunity of understanding God’s word intimately.

Through his healing Ministry, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is helping people have a stronger faith and belief in Christ’s body. His main mission is to manifest the power of Christ through healing. He has started a Healing School of Christ Embassy that is assisting in healing people through the power of the Holy Spirit gifts. Through these gifts, people are made well and their state of completeness is restored. On an annual basis, healing sessions are held in Canada and South Africa and thousands of miracles happen. In a faith filled atmosphere, people are healed and the Holy Spirit is manifested. A Program has also been started by this School, Ministers’ Visitation Program that gives different visitors from all over the world an opportunity to attend the healing sessions. Their presence on TV is also another way to express the healing. Different people from different nations watch Enter the Healing School with Pastor Chris Program on TV and get healed just by showing their faith in Christ. Various testimonies have been given to testify to these miracles.

The School also has a website where people have access to magazines, reports, videos of testimonies, Audio recordings of Divine Health Realities among others that they use to learn of the miracles and God’s healing in people’s lives. The main purpose for the School is expanding and reaching out to all nations through their healing ministry. The School has partnerships with various organizations and people that are in support of their purpose. Some of their partners provide sponsorship while others are hands on to ensure that the Pastor and the healing are working towards fulfilling their purpose effectively. The partners announce the love, grace and good news about salvation through your faith and actions. As a partner, your account is credited with people’s healing through their stories, you help build the lives of many by bringing them to Christ, you receive newsletters and publications for the School’s updates and you also have the healing for you and your family.

The School is focused on reviving hope for the hopeless, demonstrating the presence of the Holy Spirit, healing people, preaching the Gospel all over the world and performing miracles. Over the years, the testimonies that have been given have shown the marvelous deeds of faith in Christ. Through these testimonies, more souls have been won for Christ and it continues to be a daily inspiration to the Pastor.